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NEWS ALERT!!!!! CGM won 2 out of the 7 grants awarded nationwide for the 2016 ROSS for Education Grant.


By Shay Caldwell, Grant Writer Assistant
Date: February 6th 2017


Who doesn’t love money and winning? I am pretty sure most individuals do, but probably not as much as Comprehensive Grants Management does! There are some things to know when writing and trying to win grants and we would love to drop that knowledge on you. Writing can be a fun craft, but can also be dreadful if not done in a certain way. For starters, just take your readers on a virtual tour. Everyone has an imagination, correct? Imagine how you would like to read a piece of writing, you would want to be able to see it and imagine it in your head to feel the writer’s emotions. Do the same as you would like done for you. You know that saying “Do unto others as you would want done to you.” Giving a virtual tour helps the reader to think like you are, paint a picture, and feel what you feel. . ...

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