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NEWS ALERT!!!!! CGM won 2 out of the 7 grants awarded nationwide for the 2016 ROSS for Education Grant.


The Transition into Grant Writing

Date: January 16th 2017


I have been writing grants since March 12th 2007. Yes, I actually remember the exact date. Why, do I remember the exact date you ask? Well, to be honest, I was just so excited to start writing grants when the opportunity presented itself, I did not just run. I leaped to city hall to form my business and to the store to buy office supplies. My grant writing journey started after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from the distinguished University of Maryland Go Terps!. My Bachelors of Arts Degree is in Government Administration, though, I must be honest and say the actual phonics is typed “Political Science”. However, my major was Government Administration and that term is more relatable ad so I use that term. I mean, what would Political Science mean to you anyways? Exactly, Government Administration is much better. ...

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Is My Agency Too Small to Apply?

Written By: Cereta Gibbons
Date: January 9th 2017


I have been writing federal grants now for almost 10 years. The most frequently asked question is not if my agency is qualified for the grant which to me should be the most important question. But the most popular question is: Is my agency too small to apply for the grant? In my mind, I am asking, what does size have to do with it? ...

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Who is Comprehensive Grants Management (CGM)?

Date: January 2nd 2017


The idea for Comprehensive Grants Management (CGM) was birth in 2004 while Cereta Gibbons worked as a grant reviewer for the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Grants Management Center (HUD-GMC). Located in Arlington, Virginia HUD’s Grants Management Center was the company that received and reviewed the public housing grant applications for HUD...

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