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NEWS ALERT!!!!! CGM won 2 out of the 7 grants awarded nationwide for the 2016 ROSS for Education Grant.


A Dinner Proposal: Sweating the Small Stuff

By: Emily Kinsey, Grant Writer Assistant
Date: February 24th 2017


Sometimes the quote “don’t sweat the small stuff” will not apply.

Here is what I mean by that. In the world of grant writing, small aspects of the proposal can determine the outcome of success. These small details can be compared to appetizers, introductions that prepare the reviewer for the main dish. If introduced poorly, the reviewer may develop a sour taste in their mouth, pun intended. The entrée, in this example, is the narrative. The narrative is your own description of the project or program which you are requesting funding for. It will also explain how the grantee will be utilizing the money if they are to receive it, and how this funding will benefit the community and ultimately the funding agency, whether it is directly or indirectly. In a grant proposal, the appetizers (introduction) are just as important as the main entrée (narrative).. ...

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Matching: We Are Not Talking About Socks Here

By: Emily Kinsey, Grant Writer Assistant
Date: February 20th, 2017


There are many circumstances in this life that involve matching. You match up your socks, you match the answer to the question, maybe as a child your parents forced you to wear the same clothes and match with your sibling, and the list goes on.  However, in reference to grants, the word ‘matching’ typically only has a few meanings. To start, much of the grant application process involves searching for grants that your nonprofit will match up to. Let’s face it, it can be the best grant out there, but if your organization is not qualified to apply, do not waste precious time on a proposal for it. . ...

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Grant Narrative Proposal Strategies

By: Shay Caldwell, Grant Writer Assistant
Date: February 17th, 2017


When you go swimming you always want to test the water and get your feet wet before you dive in correct? Well, the same goes for writing grant applications. In my educated opinion most people should not just dive right into their grant applications either. Grant funders need some background information to see if you are a good fit or if you are who they are interested in funding. This background information is called “storytelling”. So let’s go over some tips for good storytelling shall we? ...

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Letters of Inquiry: The Sales Pitch of Grants

By: Emily Kinsey, Grant Writer Assistant
Date: February 9th 2017


More and more granting agencies are leaning to letters of intent (or LOIs) and letters of inquiry as the first step in the grant application process. However, if you’ve ever heard the saying “don’t ask, don’t tell” the same goes for these letters. If the foundation or agency does not request a letter of intent or inquiry, do not send one. Grant proposals are no time to exercise your right to free speech. You want to prove that you can follow directions precisely and meet up to every expectation they have, or you simply will not receive the grant funding they are offering. Remember, it is not about what information you want to give them, it is about what information they want from you. . ...

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